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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My best friend

Man's best friend is a dog. My dog is more than my best friend. He is my child. He is part of my soul. He has been there in the best times, the hard times, the lonely times and never judged me.  He just loved me unconditionally.  There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't make me smile. Even the couple days he had diarrhea and ruined my carpet, I loved him. He has given me so much and I just hope I can repay all the devoted companionship he has given me.  I have had Genghis over 15 years now and he is still going strong.  I think Genghis is one of those once in a lifetime pets.  For those of you that do not have pets, this probably seems silly. I hope for you, sometime in your life there will be an animal that will change your life.  The first day I moved into my new house, Genghis slept in bed with me. Right next to me as if he was a human. He hasn't slept in bed with me in 10 years. I don't know who enjoyed it more me or him. (me)   One thing I do know, the best decision I have ever made was adopting Genghis. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer diet

Thomas and I decided to go on a diet and use each other for motivation. Thomas is a believer in the South Beach diet. However, I am a huge carb addict. I like a challenge though. I can't believe the things you can not eat on this diet. No carrots!  No fruits ( for two weeks). Thomas is going to cook dinner for us and I am very committed to this but it will be difficult. I am a strong believer in exercise in addition to diet.  Moving in to a new house has given multiple opportunities to exercise. Also Comcast on demand has several workout shows. Today I did a core workout and realized something very sad. I am not able to do a sit up. I can do crunches. It inspires me to work on doing a sit up, on my own, without rocking or putting my feet under the couch. 

Living in sin

I have had a few roommates. Three to be exact. Only one lasted a full year. I have never lived with a boyfriend. Not due to moral reasons but due to the fact it scares me to have to rely on another person or have another person have a say in your life.  I have finally taken the BIG step and moved in with my boyfriend. The funny thing is the hardest part so far was the month prior to moving in. Most people have cold feet about weddings. Not me, moving in with someone is the ultimate anxiety. However, once I moved in with Thomas my anxiety has subsided. Everything has fallen into place.  It is still an adjustment but one week in, everything is going great.  I will keep you updated on my journey. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Start of my Cable free month

I am about to start a new goal. I originally started doing these month long goals as an alternative to New Years Eve.   We often make resolutions that are near impossible to keep.  In Catholicism, during Lent we give up something for 40 days.  I have decided I will give up cable one for month. I want to see if I am more productive, exercise more and sleep better.  I also need to save some money. I am going to track this on my blog. I will post how many pounds I lose, how much I exercise and how I am mentally coping with the lack of tv. I think I might read more and definitely more  physical activity.  So starting October 8, I will be without cable.  I don't think I have even gone 2 days without cable.  I will definately get to know myself better.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

UFC fans!

I love UFC! Yes, I said it, I love the UFC.  This weekend in Houston, the UFC is having a fan expo. There is also a fight but none of the fighters I really follow. I got addicted to the UFC on a first date to Buffalo Wild wings back in 2007. I don’t remember my date’s name but I remember in the background was the finale of Team Guida vs. Team Huerta and I was mesmerized.  I had always liked Tyson fights but this was totally different. I caught some rerun’s later of The Ultimate Fighter and found out my best friend also liked it.  We started watching the new season of the Ultimate Fighter. As I watch each season, I get more and more into the fights because you get to know the fighters.  It is similar to when people follow players from college to professional leagues.  I never thought it would be hard to find friends to watch UFC but I have noticed UFC fans are not huge in numbers but those who like it, LOVE it.  I have also noticed a lot of women follow UFC.  I know several don’t like it because it is too violent.  I know the fighting is but the fighters have a lot more respect for one another and there isn’t as much trash talking.  Also, like they say in football, any given Sunday, In UFC, any fighter can lose on any given day.  They fight often and sometimes have bad fights but it doesn’t end their career.  My favorites are Forrest Griffen, Rashad  Evans, Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva, George St. Pierre, Lyoto Machida, Vitor Belfort, Shogun Rua and almost every contestant from TUF with Nam Phan, my favorite. Not a fan of Rampage Jackson or Brock Lesnar. I don’t like it when they are too cocky.

What is a true fan?

What is a true fan?  As we are halfway through our football season, I have been perplexed by what it means to be a true fan? To me, a fan is someone who stands by their team through thick and thin. A person that goes to every game, rain or shine, win or lose.  My boyfriend claims to be an absolute University of Houston fan. He gets season tickets every year, tailgates and goes to every game rain or shine.  I am perplexed however, by his negativity toward the football team.  I am not a die hard fan of any team.  I have my preferred teams.  At every game, Thomas gets upset and rants and raves about how poorly the Cougars are playing, even when they are winning by multiple touchdowns.  I always say “Be positive, they are winning”.  One time I even said “I was more of a fan than he is because I root for them” Thomas stated simply being positive does not make a person a fan and he is correct. He has been in a long, imperfect relationship with the cougars. He was high hopes but if someone has let you down in the past, it is hard to get your hopes up. A true fan gets emotional when their team makes mistakes. However, the Cougars are 5-0 and they deserve some praise. If we work hard, we want others to acknowledge it not just focus on our mistakes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bourbon street vs Sixth street

I went to New Orleans for the first time in my life and I had such a blast.  It came out of no where.  My boyfriend called and said "Let's go to New Orleans this weekend."  Neither of us are very spontaneous so it was amazing we decided to go.  I was so excited. There are so many things I have never seen or done there.  We stayed in the French Quarter across from Harrah's and everything was in walking distance.  If I lived in that city, I would be stick thin from all the walking and sweating in the heat. We got there late so, our first foray was to Bourbon street.  Being an egotistical Texan, I immediately thought how could this be much different than 6th street but how wrong I was.  There were old and young, all races and creeds. (especially the guy who stands there with his sign to save our souls)  I was surprised how many topless bars and an actual sex show was on Bourbon street. None of that on 6th.  I loved that even though it wasn't Mardi Gras, people were still throwing tons of beads and blowing bubbles from the upper levels of the buildings.  Everyone just seemed so happy.  I liked how you could walk in the street with your drink and dance to the different music, again not something allowed on 6th street.  When we first left our hotel and walked towards bourbon street, Thomas pulled my hand and I said "wait! will we get a jaywalking ticket?" He laughed and said "no they don't give those here."  I said "They sure do on sixth street. One thing that gives a point to sixth street is that it is clean. As much fun as Bourbon street is, there were piles and piles of horse poop everywhere and bags of garbage put on the street not behind the bars. It was such a fun place to be and everyone was so nice.  I know most of us in Austin hated people from other universities and a certain military base coming to our bars. That just wasnt the case on Bouborn street and a big shout out to the best bartender Heather at Beerfest ( the one closer to howl at the moon) She is hysterical. I also go to eat at several wonderful restaraunts and go to an old cemetery and on a steam boat. I can't wait to go back.